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CDL Driver Training

To become a truck driver, an individual must complete mandatory commercial driver's license training (CDL). Training requirements are set by the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA). Without acceptable training, new CDL drivers are not permitted to operate commercial trucks for interstate commerce purposes.

Though the FCMSA has set forth requirements for CDL training, employers have some latitude in determining how the training is provided. A trucking firm can choose to accept training provided by a CDL school or an employer's association. A trucking firm could also decide to provide training itself.

Acceptable CDL Driver Training
Some employers choose to work with schools that provide CDL driver training. Such schools are able to provide a steady stream of qualified trucking recruits, making it possible for the employer to find new CDL drivers with little effort. From the employer's perspective, pairing up with a CDL driver training program provides great value. Through a good truck driver training program, the employer can acquire not just new recruits, but new recruits that are very well trained.

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