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Company Paid Truck Driver Training

Sometimes, trucking companies are willing to pay most of the cost of truck driver training for qualified individuals. With company paid training, a trucking firm pays for a significant portion of an individual's tuition at an approved school and offers the applicant an entry-level position upon program completion. Often, these programs offer paid on-the-job training following graduation as well.

In order to qualify for company paid truck driver training, applicants must usually gain pre-approval. This is because companies want to be sure they are paying to educate qualified applicants, not individuals with no hope of being able to secure a truck driving job. Typically, pre-approved applicants are asked to sign employment contracts, agreeing to work for the sponsoring company for a specific amount of time after graduation.

Obtain Company Paid Truck Driver Training and a Job
When you sign a contract to work for a trucking firm in exchange for company paid training, you really have very little to lose. You get truck driver training at significant savings and also secure a job for after graduation. Some companies even offer signing bonuses as well.

Contact us at MTC Truck Driver Training to learn the ins and outs of company paid truck driver training. We can help you determine whether a career in truck driving is right for you and let you know if you're qualified for our training program. If we determine that you are a good candidate for training, we'll set you up for company paid training and help you to secure a job at the same time. Complete our online application today or call us now for further information!

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