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New Truck Driver Jobs

In many skilled trades, you have to start small and work hard, often for many years, to reach an income level that affords you the freedom you've always wanted. This isn't the case if you become a new truck driver. At MTC Truck Driver Training, you can connect with jobs that pay new drivers up to $40,000 per year. We can also help experienced drivers looking for a new job.

The trucking industry is facing a historic labor shortage. For years, demand for qualified, skilled drivers has exceeded supply. There's never been a better time to become a new truck driver. Every day, hundreds of new truck driver jobs become available all across the United States. Whether you're looking to drive locally or see the country on long haul jobs, MTC Truck Driver Training can prepare you for a rewarding, lasting career in the trucking industry.

Not every transport training school can boast a 100 percent job placement rate, but we can. MTC Truck Driver Training has excelled since 1993 in selecting only highly qualified applicants with skills that transport companies are looking for--and paying for. We take those raw skills and transform them into road-ready truck drivers who go on to enjoy long and lucrative careers.

If you're ready to get a high-paying trucking job, call MTC Truck Driver Training at 1-800-455-4682 or email us at You can ask a representative any questions you have about our program and even find out if you qualify. You can also get the application process underway by filling out an online application.

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