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On The Job Trucking Training

If you've been considering training for a new trade but are daunted by the months or years it takes, think about becoming a truck driver. In a matter of weeks, your on the job training will lead right into steady, gainful trucking work that affords you the freedom you've always craved and the income to enjoy it. Since 1993, MTC Truck Driver Training has been preparing people just like you for profitable careers in the trucking industry.

Trucking can't be learned in a classroom. It has to be learned in a truck. If you pass our selective admissions process, you'll receive on the job training that will leave you ready for anything you might encounter on the road. MTC Truck Driver Training prides itself on producing drivers that are ready to respond to the many challenges of the trucking industry.

On The Job Trucking Training That Gets You on the Road
This is because we won't just take anybody into our Commercial Driver License program. At MTC Truck Driver Training, we only take people we feel 100 percent certain we can place in a high-paying trucking job, and this includes drivers who already have their CDL and are just looking for some job placement assistance. After taking our CDL course, you'll complete your training on the job, with a stable and well-known trucking company.

Financial assistance is available to applicants who qualify. To find out more, or to apply, call 1-800-455-4682 or fill out an online application. You can also email you questions to Take the first step towards a rewarding new career as a truck driver today.

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