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Truck Driver Job Opportunities

The job opportunities in the trucking industry are more plentiful than what you'll find in the vast majority of skilled trades. In the United States right now, a shortage of drivers has hindered the explosive growth of the trucking industry. The good news for people considering a career as a truck driver is this: the shortage is expected to continue for years to come. This translates into thousands of job opportunities for people with the necessary skills.

At MTC Truck Driver Training, we do more than train new drivers. We also help current drivers find work. If you've been away from the trucking industry for awhile or just want to change your current trucking job for a better one, let us help you do just that. Since 1993, we've been connecting drivers and graduates with job opportunities that lead to fulfilling, stable and profitable careers.

Find Truck Driver Job Opportunities
We have a high job placement rate--100 percent, in fact--because we only accept applicants we're sure we can find work for. While many other transport training schools are primarily interested in your tuition payment, here at MTC Truck Driver Training, we're interested in finding you a job. That's why we'll help you find a job even if you don't need our CDL training. And with the legion of established trucking companies we work with who need more drivers all the time, we never have a problem.

To learn more or to ask about company-sponsored training opportunities here at MTC Truck Driver Training, get in touch with us. Call us at 1-800-455-4682, email us at, or complete an online form. You could be just a few weeks away from the freedom only the open road can offer.

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