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Truck Driver Training Kentucky

Truck driver training for Kentucky drivers is available at MTC Truck Driver Training. We are the nation's premier source for company-sponsored training for truck drivers of all ages. We encourage men and women from Kentucky to come study with us because we know that there is a need for drivers of all kinds in the industry. Whether you're 21 or 60, we can train you to be a marketable and successful truck driver in no time.

Our program is sponsored by companies such as Werner Enterprises, Inc., Swift, Stevens Trucking Company, and Hogan Transportation Services. These sponsors help our students from Kentucky pay for cdl training through tuition reimbursement programs. For little to no money down, you can begin your training with us.

Truck Driver Training: Kentucky Jobs
After graduation, you will be offered a job making an average of $35k to $40k per year. Salaries are increasing yearly, as well, as the demand for hundreds of thousands of drivers continues to grow. What's more, there are signing bonuses, fuel incentives, and lots of other perks that can make truck driving a very lucrative career.

Many truck drivers are retiring at 55 or younger. This is actually making the demand for skilled candidates higher as well. Being a truck driver will give you a sense of freedom and independence like no other job and you can often dictate how long and how far you would prefer to drive. Take charge of your career today and give us a call at MTC Truck Driver Training. We do what we say and will find you an excellent position in the trucking industry.

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