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Truck Drivers Wanted

The numbers of truck drivers wanted by the trucking industry are astounding. By the year 2010, some estimates predict that at least 600,000 more drivers will be wanted to fill jobs that will open up or be created in the next few years. So why is the demand for truck drivers so high? The answer is a combination of factors.

There are more than 239,000 drivers who are nearing or past retirement age in the industry, or roughly one-fifth of the driver base in this country. Also, the shipping and transport industries demand for OTR drivers has increased exponentially. Drivers are hauling more freight than ever. By 2016, total annual tonnage hauled by truck is expected to increase by nearly four billion tons. The current number of truck drivers simply can't fill this need.

Truck Drivers Wanted: Is This Career Right for You?
To find out if a career in truck driving is right for you, all you have to do is think about what you want in life. At MTC Truck Driver Training, we are committed to training drivers for work with truck companies right after graduation. The truck drivers wanted far outweigh the number qualified to drive, so you have the advantage in this situation.

Truck drivers are wanted badly, so you have the opportunity to make lots of money in a short amount of time. Most of our first year drivers make 35k to 40k starting out, plus signing bonuses and incentives. If you think this industry sounds promising for your career, then call us today. You can also apply online directly from our website.

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